150-250 kb, minimum 1000*800 pixels

High-class Dubai escort agency works only with real people, that's why you need to send us original photos without a lot of photoshop. All the parameters of your body should fit your photos. Luxe Dolls escort agency will check!!! Customers of Dubai escort agency prefer photos of life and our customers too. Please, send me a photo of your manicure and pedicure, elite escort agency place special ads for you just for your beautiful legs, make pictures with entourage... Shoes and may be glass..

E-mail: [email protected]

Photos which you send to other escort agencies and us also- not aloud. Because if the customer can see the same photos in all agencies we don't promise you any work, as we have the highest prices in Dubai. Dubai escort agency Luxe Dolls put information about you on website only which you confirm. Luxury escort agency does not put on website your selfie and verification images for everybody. If you give the wrong information and Luxe Dolls escort agency needs to change your profile on the site that you will pay the commission 50-200 dirhams.