Conditions of Elite escort agency Dubai: 40/60, your 60%

Luxe Dolls does not pay for your visa, ticket, food, accommodation, TOP escort agency just give customers!

Fee (prices) in Dubai for customers of VIP escort agency in Dubai:

In Dirhams: 30min 1000-1500 aed, 1h 1500-2000 aed, 2hs 2500-3500 aed, 3hs 3000-5000 aed...

In Dollars: 30min 270-410 usd, 1h 410-540 usd, 2hs 685г-960 usd, 3hs 820-1370 usd

Luxe Dolls: Elite Dubai escort agency use only Real Photos!

Conditions 50/50 if we don't place your photos on the site, ads. Just give your photos by private account (WhatsApp usually) to new and regular customers, who ask more girls, than we have in the site.

You can work with us, with other adult erotic agencies and as Independent Dubai escort, but your fee in the ads should not be less, than ours for customers. Your fee in Elite escort agency Dubai mostly depends on your fee in the ads or ads and sites of agencies you cooperating.

E-mail: [email protected]


If the rules are severely violated, Luxury escort Agency Dubai will stop working with you!

  • It is forbidden to take telephone of agency's client to work with him without the agency. If model ask phone number of our customer- Luxe Dolls will not work with her anymore. No chance!
  • It is forbidden to take agency's client and take money, but write us that u did not see a client.
  • If you drink over one glass of any alcohol drink, you can't take customer.
  • If you give the wrong information and escort agency Dubai needs to change your profile on the site, pay the commission 50-200 dirhams.
  • When a customer comes to your room, to be alone. If you have girl-friends in the room, Luxe agency will think you are the competing escort agency which steal our customer.
  • You should SMS to our manager: when a customer come to your room, when you take money, when a customer left.

You should to check every time if fake money or not. How can you can check money?

  1. you can wet the money by water, if they fake than paint flow
  2. if a customer asks a large delivery money can be fake
  3. numbers must be different for all denominations.

How I pay commission for escort agency Dubai?

The customer gives money to escort girl before service, when meet her. Percent (%) of deluxe escort agency, model give to other model, which work with Luxe Dolls agency also, or send by Western Union or MoneyGram. Usually High Class Dubai escort agency collect money 1 time a week from all girls and 1 of them send to us. Here we pay a commission of WU. In case if you want to send your money along- you pay commission and minimum 300 USD for send.
Luxe Dolls agency needs our% during 1-3hours, when operator ask it. We collect it 1 time a week only!

Finish job with escort agency Dubai and if start 2d time

Dubai escort girls should to know, if you quit an adult job in the Best escort agency Dubai, we delete your profile with full information about you. If you want to work with Luxury escort agency again, pay 500 dirhams. Payment is first, then escort job.

You will work for free if you give phone to customers of escort agency Dubai

Ladies, TOP class escort agency in Dubai want you to have a lot of erotic adult jobs from our agency! Regular customers informed us, that girls give them private phone numbers with next time 500-1000 AED but without agency. We Hurt! I think you hurt also, as he will not come to you from us in this case, cause he will go for 500 AED to those girls. That is why we make PROMO for clients! We create excitement freebies for them! One client who get your private phone, next time will come for free! Those who do not agree with this, tell me, as I do not want to work with those who work with our customers without us. Luxury agency loses only those who take our customers, gaining a reputation as an expensive agency and regular elite clients who will come to you! Escort agency Dubai try to have more escort adult job with VIP customers for you. You deserve it!